Types Of Game

The two most common game are the Mallard Duck, along with the Canada Goose. In the last few years the Snow Geese, Blue Geese and Ross have become a large focus for the hunters. The limit is a 20 per day with a three possession limit . This has attracted attention to hunt snow geese

The Sandhill Crane has a major presence in the Quill Lakes low lands. These birds are large and can be a thrill to hunt. We also have a good number of upland game birds such as Hungarian Partridge, Ruffed Grouse, and Sharptail in the southern area. We also have available Release Ringneck Pheasants which are raised for the hunter to harvest. So it is safe to say there are great opportunities to hunt a variety of water fowl and upland species. We also have combination hunts of fishing and hunting in the fall. The fish are generally Walleye and Northern Pike.

It is essential to keep a good relationship with the local farmers. We are able to hunt in thousands of good grain fields made possible by having a respect for the farmers and the lands we are hunting on. It is a strict policy to clean up any empty shells and all wrappers as well as any other items that were not in the field when we started the hunt.

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Bag Limits

Canada Geese: 8 daily 16 possession / you may shoot 3 specs daily with 6 possession; the specs are included in your dark geese.
Snow Geese: 20 Daily, 60 Possession
Ducks: 8 daily, 16 possession. Only 6 may be Pintails.
Cranes: 5 daily 10 possession

Upland Game Birds

Sharptail Grouse: 3 daily, 6 possession
Hungarian Partridge: 10 daily, 20 possession
Pheasants: They are release birds – limits are on how much the hunter wants to purchase. Pheasants are hunt farm birds and hunters are allowed to shoot them on Sundays.