About Ace Outfitting

About Ace Outfitting

In The Beginning

The first experience I had in guiding waterfowl came when I was 12. A group of hunters from Montreal area were staying in Quill Lake. Circumstances came about, they had asked me if I had seen any ducks.

I have always had the interest in all types of hunting and fishing. I seen ducks going into a pond back in the area that was not visible from any road. I had been riding horse a few days before and had seen the birds. I informed these hunters that I had indeed seen ducks. They asked me if I could take them to this spot. I was thrilled they were interested in taking me out hunting with them.

We pulled into this location and sure enough there were the mallards. The men lit right up, they set out there decoys. They had a great shoot they were just ecstatic about the day they had. This really made me feel good to see these men so happy about the hunt. I was young but I can still remember these hunters all shaking my hand and saying thank-you for helping them. They had more good hunts in that same spot, there trip had to come to an end they said good-bye and returned home. Then to my surprise that following Christmas they sent me a remote control plane. I was so thrilled with this, I still have that plane and never used it. I was afraid of damaging it so I preserved it like new to this day. I did not get involved in guiding professionally until some time later. I worked all over Canada`s oil fields and trucking industry. I lived in Toronto for some time. I then returned home to Clair, Saskatchewan in 1990. I was then hired as a hunting guide for a local outfitter. Then after a couple of years this outfitter was getting out of the business. I decided to take over his area and apply for larger area. I realized after helping as a guide, I wanted to take my profession to a higher level. I learned a lot about goose hunting from my previous employer. Along with the passion I felt about hunting, I do give this profession my utmost attention. The business end of it is what helps pay the bills.

The truth of the matter of why I stay in this line of work, is for the thrill and admiration you feel when the men come back after a great shoot. It really makes a person feel good that I could make these men light up. I do this more for the passion then the profit.

In addition to providing great hunts that you will always remember this is a family business for me. I get to enjoy the experience of showing my son Brayden this great outdoor lifestyle and the value of hard work. We work together to provide you with the best experience possible.

Looking Back

Over the years I have had special clients that always add to my reasons why I do this. I strive hard to have these special hunts add to your stay here. The weather conditions can become extreme. It is important to remember that some of the most fond memories we have, came under those extreme conditions. I have hunted in all sorts of different weather conditions. If you are well prepared, your experience will be much more comfortable. The people that I have come across have added to my profile as a person, I enjoy meeting so many different personalities, it can be a challenge in keeping up with the different needs of certain clients. There are many different situations that have come up that I remember a man had lost both his legs, he was in a wheel chair. I first seen this and wondered how he was going to be able to handle the conditions. This man was amazing!! He had a special all terrain wheel chair, he could maneuver as well as a man with legs. He was a determined man that was not going to hold back his other hunting partners. He was right there like everyone else, and was a pleasure to have out there in the field. This man could shoot with the rest, and take advantage of his opportunities. There are many more of these stories I have come across. These clients, along with the guides, I have had help me feel this as a privilege. There have been many friendships made between the guides and the clients as this is only possible if you come experience the hunting here in the Quill Lakes with Ace Outfitting. Hope to hear from you and we will be happy to answer any other questions you may have.

- Randy Woolrich