goose hunting in canada

Houses are all equipped with everything you will need, from fridges to stoves, washers and dryers, microwave ovens, BBQ's, satellite TV, wireless internet access, cooking utensils, beddings and towels. Each House sleeps 4 to 7 hunters in a very scenic setting that is great for resting up for the next day on the hunt as the area is quiet.

All meals are homemade with freshly grown garden vegetables. All meat is raised by local farmers. This gives small town flavour that will energize you for the next days hunt!

goose hunting in canada

Above you will see one of our houses that you will be staying in during your hunting trip. Here you can relax between each hunt or sit back and enjoy the evening once the day is over.

ace outfitting canada

This is our dining hall where all of your meals will be prepared each day for you.