The Hunting Area

In the years I have been doing this I had seen a lot of change. This could come in feeding patterns or in hunting pressure. I pride myself in finding birds even if it means I have to spot in areas 50 to 60 miles from camp. I have travelled those areas extensively, spending many hours and thousands of miles. I can safely say that I have the best knowledge of these areas. This is a great advantage when all sorts of circumstances arise we go where the birds are we may hunt a ten mile radius of camp or it may be 60 miles from camp. Over the years I have came across hundreds of sweet spots, these depend on crop weather, pressure among other things. The trick is to hit the spots when it is hot. You also have to get the drop on the other hunters that maybe in the area. I always push hard to get the job done and make the trip here one that is conversation for years after. The areas we go will be determined in the game we are after. We hunt a variety of water hole spots, as well as the larger Quill Lakes, we hunt a number of ducks unlimited projects in different zones. We field hunt ducks as well as water holes. The crops are mostly wheat, barley and peas, we do travel towards the Ponass Lakes, and Lake Lenore to hunt large Canada geese late fall is excellent Canada hunting around fishing lake.

geese hunting canada